-Alyshia, Phil & Cohen

"My husband and I were at our wit's end... We had had enough and were ready to call it quits... fighting with our three and a half-month-old, that is. Every evening when my husband came home from work our battle to get our son Cohen down to bed would begin. It was like a broken record...We would feed or rock Cohen to sleep, he'd fall asleep in our arms and then he'd wake up once we put him back down in his crib. This lasted the whole night. It was not good. We got Melody's information from my sister in law who recommended her. We attended a free sleep seminar of hers where we learned basic information, some of which we had never thought of before. She offered a free 15-minute phone consult so we decided to take her up on it. After the phone conversation with Melody later that week, we decided it was in our best interest to work with her. She was very supportive, knowledgeable, and realistic in her approach to putting together a sleep plan that worked well for our family. Cohen was sleeping through the night by the second night! We had to be persistent for this new habit to stick, but it was worth every effort. He now has the skills he needs to help himself fall asleep and get himself back to sleep at night if he wakes up. We are so incredibly thankful for Melody's help in getting our son to have better sleep habits."