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Get your baby sleeping better without having to search the internet for hours trying to figure out how.















The Best Baby Sleep Tips is perfect for you if you struggle with


  • Figuring out when you should put your baby to bed

  • Creating the perfect bedtime routine

  • How to get your baby sleeping longer stretches

The Best Baby Sleep Tips has everything you need to get your baby on the right track to better sleep.

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"Never did I think I needed a sleep consultant, but after having Melody work with us, I don't know how we lived without her!


(Actually, with our second one we didn't really live at all! - only half-joking ). If I didn't witness it myself I wouldn't believe it.


He even went from being a tummy sleeper to a back sleeper just like that.


The sanity flooded back into our house within a few weeks and I can't even imagine what it would have been like if we "toughed it out".


I don't say it lightly when I say that this changed our lives. I'm so glad to have a baby that looks forward to sleeping, now he fits in well with his family of sleep lovers!"


-Stefani & Nile