Colette & Declan

I met Colette during one of my online Baby Sleep Q & A sessions. She had been struggling with Declan's sleep for a while and was somewhat reluctant and hesitant...She wasn't sure if she believed that Declan could fall asleep without ANY sleep props and without needing nursing or rocking etc.


She told me as we talked that Declan was probably going to give us a hard time...he did for a while but we got it all sorted out and now see what Colette says:

"My son is 11 months old and I never thought he would sleep through the night.

He woke up 4-8 times a night...needed to be nursed and rocked to sleep and before bed it took me hours sometimes to get him to sleep.

Melody helped me become more consistent with how I handled nights and wake ups and now I do a routine, put him in the crib and leave. No crying or complaining, he just falls asleep!

Thank you Melody!!"

Declan & Colette.jpg