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Never did I think I needed a sleep consultant, but after having Melody work with us, I don't know how we lived without her! (Actually with our second one we didn't really live at all! - only half joking ). Our first born was a breeze all the way through his first year. He hit all his sleeping milestones and was an all around chill little dude. After him, it was hard to deal with having our second become a very high needs baby. He was brutally cranky surrounding sleep for the first six months, and was diagnosed with failure to thrive... so we found ourselves falling into every "sleep crutch trap" available just to get a couple of hours of sleep a night. By 7 months and a baby rarely allowing myself (or himself!) more than an hour of sleep around the clock we were going a tad crazy. I knew that little Nile had so much more potential to be a happy human than his sleep deprived ways were allowing him. After seeing many doctors and specialists, Nile passed all tests with flying colours and the failure to thrive diagnoses was lifted, so I knew it was time to get some structure and routine around his sleep! I had a friend mention Melody's services to me and knew we were going to need all the help we could get. I knew he would give us a run for our money, and he did, it was a very long few weeks but eventually he decided that sleeping felt good. He went from random crazy naps and no sleep at night to sleeping 3-4 hours total a day and sleeping from 7-7 with ZERO sleep crutches. If i didn't witness it myself I wouldn't believe it. He even went from being a tummy sleeper to a back sleeper just like that. The sanity flooded back into our house within a few weeks and I can't even imagine what it would have been like if we "toughed it out". I don't say it lightly when i say that this changed our lives. I'm so glad to have a baby that looks forward to sleeping, now he fits in well to his family of sleep lovers!