As a first time mom of a preemie no less, I kept making excuses to transition my sweet baby into her crib from co-sleeping.

I one day admitted to my husband that I was afraid to fail and needed to be told exactly what to do instead of just guessing, therefore making it worse for myself and my daughter.

I was scrolling through Facebook, and a friend of mine shared Melody’s page. So I followed my gut and sent her a message.

We had a 15 minute phone call that then turned into a sleep plan being made within a couple of days. She was very patient with me and answered any and all questions that I had. 

Much to Melody, mine and my husband’s surprise, my child was sleeping full night by night 2.

It has been so nice sleeping on my own, as well as having time with just my husband.

I am so blessed to have this go as well as it did.

Melody is an amazing and experienced sleep consultant and I intend to spread the news about her as much as I can!

Emily & Charlie

Emily & Charlie.jpeg