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Rolling Baby

Is your baby rolling in their sleep and waking up 12x a night?

Maybe they only roll at night and not during nap time?

Did you freak out a bit when you saw them on their front, face down?

Let me put your mind at ease!

Most babies end up sleeping on their tummies at some point in their life, and will continue to do so for potentially a few years!

(my 3-year old still sleeps like a frog, face down in her bed!)

So what can you do?

You can help them!

Their brain is learning a new skill, and it's making them practice this skill over and over again, and yes, that means even at night!

The good news is that you can help them practice, satisfying their brain with lots of motion, and repetition.

  • Get your baby on the floor, on a blanket, and gently lift one edge of the blanket to encourage them to roll over. Repeat on the other side.

  • You can also help position their arms (as they seem to often be in the way!), so they can practice where their arms should be!

  • Get down on the floor with them 3-5x per day, for a few minutes to help 'satisfy' their brain with this new skill.

What about when they roll in the night and they're upset?

1) You can roll them to their back and encourage them to settle

2) Offer some comfort and reassurance while on their tummies, and monitor them as they settle themselves

Have questions? Hit reply and ask away!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

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