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18 months - 3 years


We love their curiosity, the new words they say and how they love to throw spaghetti at the dog!

You may also be experiencing bedtime struggles, multiple night time visits to your room and never getting through an episode of your show due to "needing more water" or "I'm hungry" comments coming from the top of the stairs. 

You may also have a toddler if you're noticing more boundary pushing and saying the word "No" always seems to activate a tantrum. 

When working on a toddlers sleep, we take a look at their whole day and work on boundaries and routines that will ultimately help end bedtime battles. 

If you have a toddler that is taking more than 30 minutes to get to bed, is constantly getting out of bed, and is calling out for you in the night, then this package is for you! 

Toddler Package Goals

  • Flex your boundary keeping muscles during the day

  • Reduce bedtime struggles

  • Predictable bedtime routine

  • No more middle of the night visits

  • Tools to help with behaviors during the day


Sleep Package Foundation

  • Intake form

  • Behavior and Sleep Plan

  • 60-90 minute zoom call to review plan

  • Sleep log monitoring

  • Wrap-up phone call

  • 3 weeks of support

The toddler package is designed to give you all the tools to help your toddler sleep well independently, and for you as a parent to flex your boundary muscles! Let's get your toddler sleeping well!

Toddler Package

Intake form

Sleep Plan

Sleep Log

Phone Support

Daytime Text support

3 weeks


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What Our Clients Say

Image by Kristin Brown

Laura & Winston

Boy on a Bed

When we came to Melody, our son's sleep was a disaster. We were all about a routine and felt we knew a fair bit about kid sleep so I was initially reluctant to pay for help.


But our son was just shy of two and had figured out how to climb out of his crib.


Through Melody's sleep program, we were given the guidance, structure and suggestions we needed to get our guy back to solid sleep.


Not only are we back to good nights and proper naps, but he sleeps in a twin bed with the door open!


We felt Melody was flexible enough to cater to our own unique kid but clear about consistency and expectations. We highly recommend her! My only wish is I would have gone to her during my son's sleep regression at 4 months when my brain wasn't working properly.