Pearson & Stacie

"After two years of terrible sleep with my son Pearson, I had reached a breaking point. I was sleeping 3 broken hours of sleep a night on a mattress on the floor in his


It was starting to negatively affect my relationship with my children, husband and even the small business I own. I was hesitant at first to work with Melody as I was never a fan of the cry it out method and I knew that would be at least somewhat involved but I couldn’t handle it anymore and I was concerned that it wasn’t healthy for my son either.

Having an expert to talk to about our sleeping problems was absolutely PRICELESS! Melody was
there for us every step of the way, answering my dozens of questions and it helped my husband
and I be on the same page because we agreed that what she said goes. I’m absolutely thrilled to report that after 3 weeks of sleep training, Pearce now sleeps through the night and so do I… IN MY OWN BED!

I highly recommend working with Melody, it has seriously saved my sanity. Before this program,
I was a walking zombie and now I am the mother and wife my family deserves."

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