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School Presentations

Are you a school administrator looking for a presenter? Let's connect!

I originally wanted to become an elementary school teacher, when my interests changed, and I went to post-secondary for nursing. I realized that I could use my passion for teaching in a nursing context and with the start of my sleep consulting business in 2018, I was able to further continue to my passion for teaching by working 1:1 with parents, and teaching in group settings. 

When an opportunity arose to present at my child's school, on my favorite topic (sleep!), I took the opportunity! 

Since then, many schools have reached out as there is an increase in sleep challenges amongst students (and parents and teachers...), so it seemed fitting! 

My background


2013: Graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Alberta. 

2015: Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Christian Education from Alberta Bible College. 

2018: Completed the Sleep Sense Certification Program.

Nursing Experience: 

2012-2021: Mental health nurse in an acute care setting, and in a day hospital setting. Where patients would come, and we would facilitate group and individual sessions. 

2014-Present: Maternity care nurse, working at Foothills Medical Centre. Taking care of patients in the antenatal, intrapartum and immediate postpartum. 

Sleep Consulting Experience: 

To date, I've worked with over 300 families 1:1, and presented to hundreds of families. My information can be found at various doctors' offices, and other practitioners across the city and beyond. I've worked with families across Canada, Vietnam, Chile, USA and Germany. 


School & Parent Presentation

In-Person Student Presentations

30-45 minutes

By presenting to classes/grades individually, we're able to talk about the common challenges student face with regards to getting good sleep and how they can take steps towards improving their sleep. 

In-Person Parent Presentations

60-90 minutes w/ Q&A

In this presentation, we review the common challenges students face, and how parents can take small steps to support their child to get better sleep. We also discuss how as adults we can also improve our sleep habits.

Virtual Presentations

30-90 minutes

Student and parent presentations can be done virtually. Please inquiry for further details. 

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