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Newborn to 12 weeks 

Newborns are so sweet and snuggly, and everyone says they 'love to sleep!'

Maybe your newborn doesn't 'love to sleep' or they are sleeping during the day, and are ready to party at night. 

Maybe you yourself are so exhausted that you don't know where to start or even what you could do to improve your newborns' sleep, everyone says "It will get better!" But you ask yourself, "When??"

Building a good sleep foundation can start with newborns and as you work on your newborns sleep, you will gain confidence in their abilities and your own. 

My newborn to 12 weeks package includes a plan that is gentle, straight forward and easy to start. 

You get clear action steps and follow-up to help build your confidence and your baby's sleep skills all while getting more rest yourself. 

Goals with newborn package: 

  • Baby falls asleep independently for at least one nap a day, and bedtime

  • Age appropriate stretches of nighttime sleep

  • Creating nap and bedtime sleep routines

  • Parent understanding on how to help their baby sleep well

  • Sleep education along the way for future use


Details of the package: 

  • Building a sleep foundation plan

  • One hour zoom call to talk over plan and answer questions

  • Weekly call to follow-up and offer support towards our next goal

  • A final wrap-up call to review progress, answer questions and offer future guidance

$575 +gst
Do you have a Health Spending Account?

Check with your insurance company as they may cover a portion of my fees!



I'm Melody Patton and I help tired parents get their baby sleeping better.

I see you, needing your free time to connect with your partner, enjoy hobbies, or just needing to rest.

I'm here to help! 

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