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I’m a sleep consultant who works with parents of young children who are desperate for their child to sleep well consistently.


They don’t know what to do next and are at their breaking point.


I help them teach their child to sleep better so they can relax in the evening and have more energy to enjoy their family.


I create a sleep plan, based on your child and your family’s needs.


You get 1:1 follow-up support and close monitoring of your child’s progress.


You also receive bonus information that will help you through various scenarios such as illness and travel. 


Who I Work With

My clients are parents of young children who feel at a loss.


They have read books, blogs and posted many, many times on social media looking for answers, only to find that there is way too much information out, there and they receive lots of conflicting advice. 


Some tired parents who seek my help haven’t read any books or sought out help from friends (and strangers, hello, Facebook groups...) but know that they need help.


They see that their child is so, so tired and they themselves are exhausted.


They have lost count of the amount of coffee they have had and don’t know what day it is or when they last had a shower (was it this Tuesday...or last?). 


The parents I work with have toddlers and have been doing the same, frustrating ‘song and dance’ every night for YEARS and just want it to end.


They want to stop the constant stream of requests and stall tactics.


They want to read only 3 books, kiss their child goodnight and leave the room! 

What We Do Together

With your child’s personalized sleep plan in hand, we comb over the details of how to make changes that will get you the sleep you and your child are desperately missing.


We talk about how to make bedtime enjoyable, how to manage the night and naps. 


We work towards your sleep goals that we’ve previously discussed by making sure that your child is awake for an appropriate amount of time before having a great nap and by having a bedtime routine that feels relaxing.


We work together to get your child sleeping all night (based on their age of course) so that you can also sleep all night. 


I answer your questions, we tackle the ‘what ifs’ that you’re wondering about and teach you the tools that you need for future success.


You get the 1:1 support that you’ve been looking for to specifically help your child! 


Heather & Reece

"I had got into the habit of nursing my son to sleep and then putting him down in his crib sleeping.  It had worked for my daughter, but it certainly wasn’t working for my son, because he would wake up about an hour after being put down.  It got to the point where I was curled up in the fetal position crying from lack of sleep.  We kept telling ourselves that he would hit some developmental milestone (crawling, eating solids well, done teething) and would magically just start sleeping, but it never happened.  My son’s pediatrician gave us the contact info for Melody, and when Reece was 9.5 months old we contacted her, because it was clear we needed help.  I prepared my nerves for the worst, and was afraid it wouldn’t work.  But the first 2 nights on Melody’s plan he only woke one time, and by the third he slept through the night. I feel like I have my health and sanity back, and life for the whole family has gotten so much better!"


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