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4 to 18 months

Have you been up all night googling regressions and reasons why your baby isn't sleeping? 

Maybe some friends have warned you of the 'regressions' to come and your heart sinks when your baby starts to show signs of it. 

Have you been told "it will pass!" but the nights are long, lonely and exhausting?

If you're ready for your baby to sleep well, and for you to get some much needed rest, then this package is for you! 

If it feels like it's the right time for you and your family, the good news is that within a couple of weeks, everyone can be sleeping SO much better! (Yes, you read that correctly, 2 weeks!)

Don't wait any longer, good sleep can be part of your family's story. Check out the details below!

Goals for the 4 to 18 month package

  • Your baby would fall asleep independently for naps and bedtime

  • Your baby would sleep long stretches at night

  • Your baby will be taking long, and restful naps

  • You get some much needed free time back in the evening

  • You get some much needed nighttime sleep!

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Packages Foundation

  • Sleep intake form

  • Personalized sleep plan that covers: naps, feeds, bedtime, night waking/night feeds, and everything in between

  • One hour zoom call to go over the plan in detail

  • Sleep log monitoring

  • Phone call follow-up throughout the plan

  • Wrap-up call with sleep info for the future

Each package has a different level of support.

Take a look and see how much support you'd like!

Details are below.

The {Classic} package has it all! 

You get a sleep plan that is tailored to your child, 1:1 support via text and phone calls,

sleep log monitoring, and sleep info for those 'what if' scenarios! 

You get support for two weeks to make sure your baby is sleeping well,

and is well on their way to taking great naps!

Think you want more? {Premium} is for you!

The Premium package has all that is in the Classic, PLUS virtual support during night 1 of the plan for 3 hours as you put your baby to bed.


This is great for parents who need extra reassurance, and coaching as they take a big step in making changes for the better. 

Veteran parent? {Basic} is for you!

Maybe you've done some sleep training in the past, but feel like this time you need more 1:1 support to get the results you're looking for.


The Basic package is for those parents who need a plan, some follow-up but feel knowledgeable about sleep training. 


Intake form

Sleep plan

Zoom call

Sleep Log

Phone call support

1 week

$400 +gst


Intake form

Sleep plan

Zoom call

Sleep Log

Phone call support

Daytime text support

2 weeks

$595 +gst


Intake form

Sleep plan

Zoom call

Sleep Log

Phone call support

Daytime text support

Bedtime support for night 1 

2 weeks

$725 +gst

In-Home Add-on Now Available!

In-home bedtime support now available for Calgary and surrounding area! 

5 hours in home
Review plan prior to bedtime
Review rest of sleep plan once baby is asleep

$1000 +gst

Price includes 2 week sleep support package

Do you have a Health Spending Account?

Check with your insurance company as they may cover a portion of my fees!



I'm Melody Patton and I help tired parents get their baby sleeping better.

I see you, needing your free time to connect with your partner, enjoy hobbies, or just needing to rest.

I'm here to help! 

What my clients are saying 

Moms and Babies

Amanda, Chris & Aiden

We have much more energy for him throughout the day as I am able to sleep at night now. And it is so nice that I can place him in his crib and he can soothe himself! 


If Aiden ever wakes up at night, he has learned how to soothe himself and does so until the morning when I grab him!