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Baby Sleeping
  • How long will it take for my baby to sleep well?
    Every baby is different. I wish I had a magic wand that would make your baby sleep well right away, but that obviously doesn't exist:) Realistically? It takes 2-6 weeks for a baby to learn and practice a new skill such as falling asleep independently. Some babies learn within the week, others it takes a bit longer. Typically, within the time that we work together, we see significant improvement and even though we are 'sleep training', I'm training you to teach your baby. Usually, after our time together, parents feel capable to continue working on their baby's sleep in the days to come.
  • How old should my baby be to work on their sleep?
    Anytime! Depending on your baby's age will depend on the strategy used. Newborn? We work on routines, habits, and timing. 4 months sleep regression? I can get you through that as well. Have a 2-year old that will.not.sleep.? I can help with toddlers as well! The strategy depends on your child's age and your comfort zone.
  • Does this really work?
    This may seem like a silly question, though I get it here and there. I find that the #1 thing that determines whether or not 'this works' is how consistent you as the parent can be. Let me explain. If one night you follow the plan, then the next do something else, first off it's not fair to your baby as you're sending them mixed messages, and secondly, it prolongs the process. Again, I don't enjoy listening to babies cry and especially for no reason. What I mean by that is that if you stick with the plan but partway through the night you 'cave', then you probably just made your baby cry for no reason. Not fun and not fair. Does it happen occasionally? Yes (and sometimes by the dad...) Is it the end of the world? No, but let's work together to make sure you can be consistent with your baby. The bottom line, consistency is key.
  • Is this cry it out?
    One thing I have discovered is that everyone has their own idea of what 'cry it out' means. I tell parents that crying is a form of communication; upset, tired, hungry, uncomfortable, etc. When we work together, typically we change a few things (which makes sense, otherwise what's the point?) and babies tend to protest the change until they figure out what is going on and what the new routine looks like. I want you to know that I won't ask you to put your baby in their bed, with no preparation and to ignore their cries. I give you a plan that supports your baby and offers comfort in such a way that helps them learn and practice their new skills. How much a baby cries depends on the baby. I've had clients where I though the baby would FOR SURE cry lots, and they hardly cried, and others cry more. I want to minimize crying as much as possible and I don't want to make babies cry for no reason. P.s. This may just go without saying, but I don't enjoy listening to babies cry, so I want to help your baby and help you manage the crying.
  • Can't I get what I need from a book? Why do I need a sleep consultant?
    The answer is yes you can get what you need from a book, though in my experience if you can fix your baby's sleep challenges with the help of a book, you probably don't need me! If the information from the book (or internet, or mom's groups) isn't working for you, then that's where I come in. I provide personalized and 1:1 support for YOUR baby. I keep track of your baby's progress, I provide troubleshooting when needed, I provide emotional support for you and your partner (because if you're contacting me, you're probably really, really tired) and I help you see results within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Let me reassure you that this hardly, hardly every happens! (actually to date it hasn't happened to me). When I work with families I want to make sure that they are cared for and that their family needs are taken into account. If we need to pause due to illness, we can do that. If as a parents you feel like you need a pause, that's okay too. Refunds are given based on individual circumstances and thankfully hasn't been the case in my business. I mention it here so that in case you were wondering if 'this didn't work' that maybe you get could some money back, then technically yes. Thankfully, I have a very high success rate and that's always my main focus! I will say that $150 is nonrefundable after the consultant with the plan is given as there was significant time on my end that was put into preparing and delivering the plan for your child. Beyond that, it's a discussion between the two of us.
  • What methods you do you?
    The Sleep Sense Program is often known as the 'stay in the room' method, or 'chair method'. It also includes 'leave and check', which is similar to the Ferber method. My clients either stay in the room with their baby, or go into their child's room to do a check-in. We have a strategy on how to manage crying, and I monitor it closely to make sure your baby is progressing well, and make any adjustments needed.

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