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Why a sleep sack?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

With so many popular and new baby products on the market, how are you to know?

Pinterest is full of blogs.

Mom's groups are full of opinions.

There's a lot out there.

So here's a quick overview as to why sleep sacks are awesome. Period.

1) They provide a safe sleep environment. By sleeping in a sleep sack, it eliminates the risk of getting caught in blankets. Something every parent worries about at some point or another. The baby doesn't get anything wrapped around any body part that isn't supposed to be covered.

2) It keeps them warm and cozy. Obvious, right? Though something simple like having too cold of feet can prevent you from falling asleep and staying asleep. Ever had a night ( think camping) where you were so cold that you couldn't sleep? Same idea. Warm and cozy = happy sleeping baby.

3) Temperature control. There are sleep sacks made by companies that use quality materials that breathe and helps to reduce potential overheating. An over heated baby is not a happy baby. Some sleep sacks are made for specific temperature ranges. So if you live in Alberta and it gets to be -40, there's a sleep sack for that. If you live in Florida and you need something to help keep comfortable in the humidity, there's a sleep sack for that.

Yes there are so many cute baby blankets and trinkets out there. The thing that is important is keeping your baby safe and warm. A sleep sack can help.

Do I recommend any brands?

There are so many on the market, though I'm impressed with the quality of the sleep sacks made by Grobag. They are the same company that makes the Groclock, and many other awesome baby products.

You can choose the "tog", meaning the type of sack based on your climate and how warm/cool you keep your house. They have some nice, simple, yet very cute designs and very soft fabrics that breathe nicely and are comfortable for your baby.

The zipper opens from the bottom, so you can change a diaper without fully taking your baby out of the sack.

And it's won numerous awards- which when it comes to awesome baby products, awards usually means great safety standards and have been tried and tested. Check them out on their website for their full selection (Amazon has an awesome selection as well!)

Happy sleep!

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