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Excited for Christmas, but nervous about sleep?


I don’t know about you, but I’m working so hard to be proactive this Christmas season.

I wrapped presents, labels, bows and all the other day and it felt so good!

Whether you’re staying around home for Christmas or heading out of town, here’s a few reminders/tips for you this Christmas season!

1) Know that naps may be off schedule

It can be challenging to keep a 'perfect nap schedule' (whatever that is...)

On the go, in the car, stroller or in arms naps are a necessity when you're out and about or visiting family.

Do keep an eye on the clock, knowing your baby's limit for awake time, and try to get them to sleep when they need it, even if it's motion or contact.

2) Allow for some recovery time

If Christmas day is going to be super busy for your family, see if you can allow for the next day to be more relaxed.

Being on the go for days on end tends to lead to overtired children, and exhausted parents.

Let's leave some space for rest and relaxation.

{Imagine having a nap on Christmas day...Gasp!!}

3) Try not to stress too much (hear me out)

Okay, so I dislike it when people say this to me, so try to read it in a way that feels like you can take a deep belly breath, and realize that it'll be okay.

4) Leave time to unwind before starting the bedtime routine


If you're going to do anything this holiday season, I want you to remember this!

Leave 10-15 minutes extra to unwind BEFORE starting your child's bedtime routine.

Imagine hanging out with grand-parents, or fun aunties and uncles, then all of a sudden, being whisked away and put to bed.

Boo! No fun!

This leads to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Take the time to separate your baby from everyone, to realize that things are a bit boring now, and to decrease stimulation.

Once 10-15 minutes has passed, then you can start your child's bedtime routine.

5) Watch the timing of bedtime, and remember, after 8 (pm) is too late!

If you can help it, try to get your child to bed when they're due.

Otherwise, they'll get a second wind!

Babies: Tends to look like fussiness

Toddler: Running, hyper, laughing, and completely irrational

Then imagine trying to get them to bed once they've had an extra dump of adrenaline and cortisol...


Not cool.

So maybe you can't help it because it's a family dinner, and there's nowhere to put your baby to bed.

It happens!

But if it's every night for two weeks, you'll be calling me saying 'HELP'.

So watch the time, have a plan, but also ENJOY.

Here for you,

Melody Patton

Note #1: If you have a friend who could use weekly sleep tips, would you forward them my emails?

Note #2: If your baby isn't sleeping well no matter what you try, let's chat. Hit reply, and let's connect!

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