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How to get rid of a pacifier for a toddler!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Do you have a toddler that LOVES their soother?

Here’s how to get rid of it!

Do you wonder if they'll take it to college? Have to hide it on their dates and maybe bring it to their wedding? (okay, that's a joke, of course;)

If you're ready for your toddler to ditch the soother (even if they're not), here's what you can do!

1) Go find all the soothers!

Search through the car, their bed, toys, purse/diaper bag, etc.

Gather all possible soothers as if they find one later on, they may latch onto it for dear life...oh, don't forget to check the couch cushions!

2) Prep your toddler

Start talking to them about 'saying bye bye' to the soothers!

Talk about how they've enjoyed their soother, and it's been nice for them to have, but it's nearing the time to be done.

3) D-Day

The day has come! You're getting rid of the soother!

Choose one soother to sacrifice and cut the tip of it off. I'd say don't do this part in front of them...but then give them the 'broken' soother.

Show them that it's all done, and ask them to put it in the garbage.

4) Proof!

Now this is the important part!

Take out your phone, and snap some pictures and even a video of them putting it in the garbage!

Toddlers often need to revisit significant events in their life and having photo/video proof of it helps a lot when they're asking about the soother.

5) Replace!

I also suggest going on a little shopping trip with your toddler and asking them to choose a new stuffed friend to be their bedtime buddy!

When they ask for their soother, remind them that they're all done (photo and video here...) and give them their special stuffy to take to bed.


If you're expecting a new baby soon, and you have some time beforehand, I'd do it sooner than later.

If you're expecting any day now, then wait until the baby is born and is maybe a couple months old or so before doing this.

Welcoming a new sibling is a big change so removing the soother (which is a comfort item) right before, isn't ideal.

Here for you,

Melody Patton

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