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Have you been up all hours of the night searching the internet for answers on how to make your baby sleep, only to hear your child wake up, again? 

Have you been desperate for a moment of peace to take care of yourself or to spend time with your partner? 


Don't despair, I can help! 


Let's talk about what's going on and discuss solutions.  

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Stacie & Pearson

"This was the best money I’ve ever spent! Working with Melody has seriously saved my sanity.

I went from 3 hours of broken sleep a night on a mattress on the floor of my son’s room to sleeping full nights in my own bed. Before this program, I was a walking zombie and now I am the mother and wife my family deserves."

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Mother and Baby on Floor

In Person Classes!

Moss Postpartum House Calgary
Melody Patton Sleep Consulting

bring your in-person sleep education classes!


'Get your baby to sleep!' Class is for parents of babies ages 4-18 months, who need some guidance on how to navigate regressions, night time wakes up, trouble shooting naps and so much more! 

Small class size and Q&A to allow for more 1:1 attention and education


Click the link below and scroll down to 'Sleep Education' and select your class date! 

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Wondering how I can help your baby sleep?
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Get your baby sleeping better without having to search the internet for hours trying to figure out how.















The Best Baby Sleep Tips is perfect for you if you struggle with


  • Figuring out when you should put your baby to bed

  • Creating the perfect bedtime routine

  • How to get your baby sleeping longer stretches

The Best Baby Sleep Tips has everything you need to get your baby on the right track to better sleep.

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