Have you been struggling to get your child to sleep?


Have you been up all hours of the night searching the internet for answers on how to make your baby sleep, only to hear your child wake up, again? Have you been desperate for a moment of peace to take care of yourself or to spend time with your spouse/partner? Don't despair, we can help!

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About Melody Patton Sleep Consulting

In the beginning!

I started out as a labor and delivery nurse and I also worked in mental health. I saw first hand the joy that came with a new baby and how love can multiply so quickly. And I also witnessed how sleep deprivation can cause many problems for moms, dads, and their family. I learned this first hand with the birth of my own child and as the sleep deprivation hit hard. I too, was up all hours of the night, searching (and crying) trying to figure this out! A friend shared with my the basic concepts of sleep training, which eventually lead me to Sleep Sense. Having my baby sleep well made all the difference and I can't imagine it any other way! I then decided to get trained so that I can help other families experience better sleep for them and their babies.  There is help and there is hope for better sleep!


I've been trained by Dana Obleman herself with the Sleep Sense program and would love to help you and your baby get better sleep!



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Free 15 minute phone consultation

Services for Prenatal to Newborn (12 weeks)

Services for 3-23 months

Toddler 2 years +

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Unsure if you should use a sleep consultant?

Here are some stories of families who were unsure and after completing the program, felt like their lives had changed. Click the button below to read!




Free Seminars

I love to meet with groups of parents and share my 7 Tips to Sleep! This interactive seminar allows for parents to learn about the cornerstones of good sleep and ask me questions in person. Ideal for prenatal groups,  parents groups, in store seminars or any group event.

Examples of previous events:

  • The Wellness Studio

  • Babes in Arms

  • Ella Bella Maternity Boutique

  • Twins, Triplets and More Association

  • Mommy Connections Calgary

  • In home seminar with prenatal groups

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