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2-1 Nap Transition!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Drop it like it's hot! (the 2-1 nap transition)

Usually, I'm excited about nap transitions!

More awake time means the ability to go out for longer before someone needs a nap again.

I also like avoiding driving like a madwoman back home to avoid missing the in crib nap (no? just me?)

But there's one nap transition that I cringe at, just a little, and that's the 2-1 nap transition.

The awake time increases significantly, and there's the afternoon grumpiness that I'm less than pleased to see.

So in the spirit of 'it takes a village', here are my tips and considerations to help you through the 2-1 nap transition!

Timing is everything!

Is your baby 10 months and showing signs of fighting a nap?


Hang in there, they probably aren't ready yet.

It's common to go through phases where your baby may fight a nap or bedtime, and it's all in preparation to drop the second nap.

The typical age for going to one nap is around 12-16 months. Some do it a little earlier, some a little later, but this is the average.

How much protest?

Has your 13-month old been fighting a nap or bedtime for a day or two weeks?

Generally, I say that if the struggle has been for at least two weeks, then you can consider moving forward with the transition. If it's been a day (or two), just hang in there!

1) Ready to get started?

The first adjustment for this transition is to move your baby's morning nap to start between 11-1130 am.

You may have to give them a snack at 10 am and go outside to help them get used to not napping at that time.

I wouldn't suggest a stroller walk, or car ride at this time as they will *most* definitely fall asleep and there goes your chance at one nap day!

2) Fruit snack to the rescue!

Now, you know that between 2-3 pm your child is going to feel tired, and they may want to lay down somewhere and catch a few ZzZ's.

Fruit snack to the rescue!

The natural sugars give them a bit of a boost to get through their typical afternoon nap time and make it to bedtime.

Pro-tip: Do a mid-afternoon bath to help with a grumpy baby!

3) Move on up!

Next up would be to move their bedtime to between 6:30-7:00 pm.

It's not forever, but the early bedtime will help compensate for the lack of a second nap, and chances are, they will be ready for it!

There you have it!

My quick guide to dropping the second nap!

As always, I'm here for you!

Melody Patton

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