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Here is a story.

Here is a story.

Its 3am. The baby is crying again. You think to yourself “I don’t think I can do this anymore”. As the baby’s cries increase in volume, you use your legs as momentum to get up out of bed.

You stumble to the nursery door and take a breath. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve been up tonight, or every other night for that matter. The thought of ‘when will this end’ is a never ending thought that leads to tears.

As you pick up your baby you sit down in the rocker as you can’t seem to stand anymore. Thank goodness it’s comfy and here to support your tired body and exhausted spirit. The guilt starts to set in. You think that you are supposed to cherish these precious moments but the overwhelming emotion of exhaustion makes it that you struggle to enjoy these moments.

You start your usual ritual of rocking, shh-ing and trying to latch the baby. After what seems to be an eternity, or maybe it was just 5 minutes, you put the sleeping baby back in their crib. As you stumble to the bed and check your phone you see that its 3:45 am and start counting the minutes until baby is up again. “I can’t do this again” Is your last thought and your repetitive prayer.

This may seem like a familiar story. Maybe it seems like it was made up for dramatic effect.

Rather, this is my story. I was the exhausted and anxious mom who stumbled about the night countless times.

Worrying about sleep and not falling asleep due to this worry.

I felt the guilt.

I wanted to enjoy every single moment of my baby’s life but the lack of sleep, the supposed “joy of motherhood” felt like it was, well torture. I was losing myself in all of these sleepless nights and couldn’t function in the day time.

My ability to have any control over my emotions was gone and my marriage was suffering. I was suffering. Due to the many sleepless nights, some of my memories of that time are lost from my mind.

Seeking out answers and finding the Sleep Sense program allowed me to regain some sanity. It helped my baby to get the much needed sleep that she needed. It allowed me to feel the joy of motherhood, sans guilt.

This is my story.

It may be similar to yours, or someone that you know.

Reaching out for help to find support is not wrong, rather it’s the right thing to do. Finding out what you don’t know can make all the difference. This is your motherhood (or fatherhood). Don’t let it be stolen or forgotten by the sleepless nights, bedtime struggles or unrelenting nap issues.

There is a way.

I’m here to support parents every step of the way. To provide emotional support and ‘technical’ support as it may be.

Sleep can be in your future. Let’s talk.


Or book a 15 min phone call

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