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Back on Track Fall 2022

Did sleep get out of hand this summer?

Here’s what I’m doing with my kids...

Have you had a great summer?

Spent your days wading in a pool, playing at the splash pad, soaking in the sun?

Maybe you traveled a lot this summer (we certainly did!, and things can get a bit, well, out of hand!

Why is it that bedtime is one of the first things to slip when summer hits?

Maybe we're feeling happy and less stressed with the endless sunshine and all that fresh air!

I know I certainly feel that way.

But here's confession time:

Bedtime has gotten out of hand for us.

It's WAY later than usual, it takes the kids longer to unwind and there's been way more screen time than normal.


My oldest child is going into grade one this year!

And my youngest is going to preschool two mornings a week!

They both need lots of sleep to help cope with school and structured activities, so here's what I'm going to do:

1) Bedtime Chart

There's a million ways to do this chart thing, but here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to print a chart with boxes on it, and every night where bedtime (and you could add nighttime and morning!) goes well, we will add a sticker!

As you can see, there's a couple of stars on some boxes, and once we hit those stars, we're going to offer a small prize.

So every night when bedtime goes well, she gets closer to a prize.

Every night when it doesn't go well, it delays the process.

2) Independence & Internal motivation

Toddlers and school aged children THRIVE on the sense of independence and 'doing things by myself!'.

So let them:

-Pick their pjs

-Pick their books (max. 3)

-Put the sticker on their chart

-Pick between the two options for bedtime snack

-Put their lunchbox in their backpack

-Pick the connection activity before bed (see next point)

3) Spend 10-15 minutes on a connecting activity

This is a little bit of *magic*

Spend 10-15 minutes doing a 'connection' activity with your child, after supper and before the bedtime routine.






-simple board game

-reading books snuggling

Doing this helps to fill up your child's 'cup' and reduces bedtime struggles.

Here for you,

Melody Patton

P.S. This should be a screen free activity/connection time!

Let's get back on track together and get our kiddos sleeping well!

If your child isn't sleeping well no-matter what you do at bedtime or how long you rock them before nap time, let's talk!

Most of my clients see improvement within the first week of working together, not months, ONE WEEK!

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