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Daycare Transition Tips

So you've found childcare for when your maternity/parental leave is done, and as you ask about how they do naptime, you find out that they offer one nap a day, and all the kids sleep in a crib, mats or cots on the floor, in the same room!


You can't imagine your not quite 12-month old only napping once a day with many kids around and maybe, you start to panic a bit...

*Take a breath*

First things first, your baby is resilient and will adjust!

And here's what you can do to help!

{Cap Their Nap}

In the month prior to your child starting at daycare, you can start to cap their first nap to a max of one hour, which will then hopefully make their second nap longer.

What this does is it helps their body get used to napping longer in the afternoon.

Most daycare facilities start their nap time around 12/1230 pm.

Meaning, your baby will have to get used to napping at a later time!

Once your baby has started daycare, here are a few things to keep in mind:

They will be tired, unlike you've ever seen before!

Daycare is EXHAUSTING for children.

So much stimulation, and activity. It will take them some time to get used to napping around other kids as well so initially, they may not be napping for very long.

What can you do?

{Have help with making dinner}, as chances are, you'll have a little person in your arms, and quite possibly screaming one.

Get those meal delivery services, do some meal prep on the weekend, and get your partner involved so when the 5 pm scream fest starts, you'll at least be close to eating dinner.

{The next thing you can do is get your baby to bed early}

How early?

Quite possible 6-6:30 pm.

I've even had clients who had to do a 5:30 pm bedtime because their little one was DONE at that time and waiting a minute longer was torture for everyone.

{Pace yourself on the weekend}

Your baby may not be able to manage on one nap during the weekend. If that's the case, go easy on the activities initially so that your baby can have two naps a day until they adjust to one nap.

I work 1:1 with families like yours everyday to get their child sleeping well.

If your baby isn't sleeping well, don't wait until the end of your leave to do something about it.

Most of my clients see huge improvements in their child's sleep in 1-2 weeks!

Let's talk!

Book a quick call here to find out more!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

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