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Does your baby have FOMO?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Does your baby have FOMO?

{Fear of missing out}

Maybe you're hanging out with friends or family, and it's all of a sudden bedtime!

So you whisk your baby away from the group, change their diaper in record time, get their pjs on, read the smallest books, and then put them in their bed.

What's most likely going to happen?

They will probably protest.



They were hanging out with you and all these awesome people, and now they have to go to bed?

In the words of my toddler, "Not fair!"

So here's one thing you can do to help them out!

*Give them extra downtime*

Get your baby to say good-bye to everyone and head on up to their bedroom, and spend an extra 10-20 minutes unwinding from the day.

This will help shift their focus, decrease stimulation and allow them to feel tired.

Just by doing this one thing, you'll help avoid FOMO for your baby, and you'll be able to get them down for sleep with ease.

**Share this helpful tip with a friend!**

(Yes, I know the days of 'forward this to 10 friends' is over, but it's helpful info, so just send it;)

Is your baby not sleeping well no matter what you do?

It doesn't have to be that way!

I help families go from unpredictable bedtimes and waking all night long to feeling human again.

(aka, you tell me about what's going on sleep-wise, and I share how I can help!)

Chat soon!

Melody Patton

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