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Going on your own adventure? Read this first

"We're going on a bear hunt!" (aka you're going on an adventure! )

With restrictions being lifted, businesses opening up, and the start of summer, I anticipate many of you are itching to go on a little getaway!

If you've travelled with babies and young children before, then you're a pro and can probably share some tips with me!

But if this is new for you, I've got some easy tips that will make your trip with kids enjoyable and keep everyone comfortable.

First things first: research where you are staying!

Maybe you've heard me talk about this previously, but I am the mom who emails the Air Bnb host asking about beds, windows and blinds...

It's really hard to tell with pictures what kind of blinds are installed and how much light they block out.

And it's a good idea to make sure ahead of time that there's space for a pack 'n' play.

Pro-tip: check and see if the hotel/vacation rental has a pack 'n' play available. Many do have them readily available and some even have high chairs!

My favorite tip regarding blocking light is to bring heavy-duty garbage bags and painters tape! (Sometimes they are called contractor bags).

They are the best at blocking out light, and the tape doesn't ruin any paint or leave residue on window frames.

Light stroller and collapsible wagon for the win!

We have a double stroller, as we like it for things like the zoo ( as we can put all our stuff on the bottom compartment) but it's HEAVY and large.

We also own a Valco, 3 wheel stroller. It's super light and I can fold it/unfold it with one hand while holding a baby. It has also been previously loved so when my toddler spills apple sauce all over it, it's no big deal!

The one thing we added this year was a collapsible wagon.

We went back and forth on whether or not we should get one, but in the end, it was the best thing ever!

It folds up easily, carries all our things, plus it has a large weight capacity (150 lbs) so we can easily put the kids in it as well.

On our last trip, we were at the beach every day and once we arrived back at the condo, we could easily flip it over and shake out all the sand.

We will get so much use out of this wagon! Love it!

Beach pop up tent is a must!

If you're going anywhere where you anticipating sitting outside

in the sun, bringing a beach pop up tent is a must!

Babies typically can't handle being in the sun very long and can easily overheat and little kids need some time out of the sun as well.

Instead of hoping to get some tree shade, bring some shade of your own!

Worried about your baby getting hot?

I'm sure you've seen some parents walk around on a hot day with a muslin blanket over their baby's stroller, and when I was a first-time mom, I admit I did this as well.

Unfortunately, it's not a good solution to keep your baby cool.

Even under a light blanket, such as a muslin blanket, the temperature can increase to 10+ degrees higher than outside.

A better solution would be to avoid long sun exposure, adding a small fan and getting your baby out of the car seat/stroller seat (It can get so hot and sweaty under there!)

So if you're heading out on a day trip or a longer vacation, thinking ahead as to how you're going to keep you and your baby comfortable is a must!

Simple add-ons like a clip-on fan, a beach pop up, and a folding wagon will be essential for your next trip, big or small.

Contacting your rental host or hotel to see what baby items they have for use can also save you some space. Many hotels have pack 'n' plays, and more and more vacation rentals come equipped with baby items.

Throwing a couple of heavy-duty garbage bags and painters tape will be a lifesaver 'just in case' the room where your baby is sleeping is being blasted with light at 5 am.

Happy travels!

Melody Patton

Need some more travel tips?

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