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SlumberPod, A Great Travel Solution!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

As a sleep consultant, I get asked often for recommendations for baby and baby sleep products.

Pre-pandemic, I also travelled a decent amount with my kids and I have to tell you, I wish I had this particular product back then!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Putting your baby's portable crib in a closet or the bathroom?

  • Getting another room to have more separation?

  • Watching your child stand up and say "mama!" as you lay as still as you possibly can?

  • The promised 'blackout blinds' at your accommodations don't seem to blackout much?

Yup. I've been there!

So today, I'd like to share with you my thoughts on the SlumberPod!

If you haven't seen any SlumberPod images floating around social media and in Facebook groups, let me introduce you!

SlumberPod is a privacy pod that can fit over pack 'n' plays, mini-cribs, children's cots and travel beds.

This means that when you're travelling either to grandma's house, or are staying in a hotel, you can create a dark space for your child to sleep in without a lot of work.

If you've read any of my other travel blogs, you know that I'm a fan of bringing along supplies to make the room where your child will sleep darker.

(I'm still a fan of this by the way)

This privacy pod makes that much easier and faster!

The next thing that I like about the SlumberPod is that it's lightweight and folds up into a small bag.

Typically travelling with kids means that you bring along the whole house (plus the kitchen sink!).

Thankfully, the pod is small and easy to set up :)

Another cool feature is that there are pockets in the pod that allow for a fan and a baby monitor.

I remember trying to rig up a fan and monitor so that it wouldn't fall on my child and the cords would be out of reach. The pockets in the pod make it easier to get yourself set up to keep your baby comfortable, and for you to keep an eye on them!

If you're away from home often and stay in accommodations that have a lot of shared spaces, a SlumberPod could be super helpful!

Now, I wanted to mention a few important notes about the SlumberPod:

  • It's not a tent, and it's not meant to be used outside

  • It's not meant to fit over regular sized cribs

  • It's meant for babies that were born term, that are healthy and are 4-months or older

I'm excited for some of you to use the SlumperPod during some of your upcoming adventures!

Oh, and of course here is my discount code for you!

Code: melodypattonsleepconsulting

*The code is an affiliate code, so I get a small kickback for when you use it at no extra cost to you! Win-Win!*

Here for you,

Melody Patton

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