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Help! My baby is standing in their crib!

So you have a baby who has this new skill of sitting or standing, and maybe they don't know yet how to get back down to a laying position. It's also very possible that they started using this new skill in the middle of the night and you found out as they called out to you to come to save them! Babies! Always changing and keeping us on our toes! So if your baby is a new sitter, and can't seem to figure out how to lay back down, here's what I want you to do: Practice, practice, practice. Have your baby sit and gently guide their hand forward, so they maneuver to their belly. Then have them sit again, and gently guide their hand to the left or right, so they can lay on their side and then roll to their desired position. You'll have to do this 3-5x per day, for two weeks, or until they acquire the skill, whichever comes first. For a standing baby who can't figure out how to get down, here's what to do: During the daytime, have your baby stand in front of you and hold their hands. Bring their hands downward and encourage them to sit on their bum. By doing this, we are trying to encourage them to not flop back and essentially fall over backwards. Then, have them stand up again, and gently bring their hands towards you, so they bend their knees and rest on their knees. Then you can put their hands down on the floor. Babies learn through frequency and repetition. So whether your baby is learning to sit on their own, or stand, practicing the skills 3-5x a day, for a couple of weeks, will help them gain this skill faster. Now, what to do if they have fallen asleep either sitting or standing (Like my client's baby here)?

Go in and gently lay them down! Yes, they may wake up when you do this, but it's a much better option than having them fall over in their sleep and hurt themselves!

Many parents worry when they see their baby sitting or standing in the crib and are unable to get themselves down. Some babies are very persistent with this skill and the good news is that you can help teach them what to do!

By practicing with them during the day time and encouraging them to sit down and then lie down, they will be well on their way to laying themselves back down to sleep. As always if you're needing help in the baby sleep department, click here to get in touch! Here for you, Melody Patton

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