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Holiday Travel Tips!

This year, the travel bug has bitten more people as restrictions have lifted and international travel is happening again.

So whether you're going to grandmas or a beach getaway, a couple of sleep travel tips are coming your way!

Location, location, location!

Are you staying at a relative's house where you'll share a guest room with your baby? Or in a hotel? Air bnb?

Here's what I bring for my kids: -Sound machine (Don't forget the travel adapter if travelling outside of Canada/US)

- Favorite stuffed animal

-Sleep sack or familiar blanket

-Books for bedtime

-Heavy-duty garbage bags and painters tape

If you're staying somewhere unfamiliar, the heavy-duty garbage bags and painters tape can be a lifesaver for daytime naps! It goes up in no time, does no damage and takes virtually no space in your luggage.

(I've been known to message Airbnb hosts to ask them further details on their curtain situation...yup, I'm that person...)

Privacy Pod!

If you're taking a bigger/further away trip and are maybe staying at an all-inclusive resort and are unsure about the lighting situation, a SlumberPod may be the way to go!

Using some sort of privacy pod can help create a soothing sleep environment for your little one, and give you a better chance at getting them to nap!

(Use code MELODYPATTON20 for a discount on the SlumberPod!)

Room sharing?

If you're sharing a room with your baby, try to create a sleep space for them (a closet can make a great pseudo-baby room!) or by placing them in the corner of the room, etc.

Sometimes, if it's not possible to have a separate sleep space for your baby, then you'll have to make do with sneaking in quietly when you're off to bed;)

Have a specific travel questions? Hit reply and ask away!

Honor your baby's sleep!

Babies and young children can easily become overtired while away from home; between extra outings, or lots of family around, they can let you know pretty quick that it's all too much.

Then add on a short or skipped nap, and were in meltdown city!

Do try to make time and space for your baby to nap. Whether it's in a stroller, or the car, or even a contact nap, will go a long way in helping you and your baby enjoy this busy season.

What about time zone changes?

If you're traveling to another time zone, know that it will take some time for your baby to adjust!

If there's a pool nearby, I'd be getting into it! Water play can help tremendously with letting out traveling stress, and help a baby get tired out.

If the time difference is 1-2 hours, you may be able to get away with staying on home time. If it's more than that, consider getting on local time. In this whole process your baby may have some extra night wake-ups (as overtired babies tend to not sleep well!) and may need a little extra TLC to cope with travelling.

Once you get home, get on home time asap. Don't wait 1-2 weeks to get back into the routine of things, just remember, that it will take a few days for your baby to adjust to home time again.


This is your gentle reminder that your baby is human, and change in location, routine and faces they see, may be a bit much for them. Some babies are naturally more flexible than others, and during the last 2 years, many kiddos haven't slept away from home!

It's a new experience and should be treated as such! With practice, and as they get older, things do get easier.

Hang in there!

Did you know?

I offer personalized travel sleep packages! I get your travel details, and give you my best tips for your specific trip, plus you can contact me while you're away and once you get back home!

Interested? Get in touch below!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

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