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How to get your baby to nap without feeding them to sleep

The {no feed zone} is the 20 minutes before your baby's nap where you do not feed them.


Because they will GET SLEEPY.

Why do we care?

Because when they get sleepy they enter stage 1 of sleep.


And then you try to transfer the baby while drowsy to their crib.

And then...

Their eyes POP open and it's game over.

Anyone experienced this? Anyone?

If that's you, then keep reading.

Eat-Play-Sleep is a method to help keep some distance between feeding and sleeping for your baby, you know, to get away from the feed-sleep association.

But what I find a lot of parents are doing, is feeding their baby too close to their nap time, and it's making them sleepy.

Then they try to transfer their sleepy baby, they wake up and cry...a lot.

So then the parent tries to feed again, or rock, or bounce and end up spending 20-60 minutes to get their baby to sleep to have them only sleep for 20 minutes.

So instead:

Feed your baby once they wake up!

Start first thing in the morning, then they have playtime, then their wake window is coming to a close, and it's nap time.

You'll get them in a fresh diaper, sleep sack on and a book, then to their crib awake, to fall asleep on their own.

You can stay with them, shushing and occasionally patting them until they fall asleep, or you can decide to leave the room and check on them every few minutes.

But if you want your baby to start taking independent naps, this is step 1.

So remember the {no feed zone} to help you have more naptime success!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

P.S. Is your baby not napping well no matter what you try?

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Let's chat about how we can get your baby napping well!

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