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Newborn Sleep Tips

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Have a baby that's under 3-months?

They're not old enough to 'sleep train' but maybe sleep isn't going well, so what can you do?

1) Swaddle for sleep, not for feeds.

Developing patterns and routines helps to communicate with your baby. By doing a simple pre-nap and bedtime routine, it can help signal that it's time to sleep!

Swaddling considerations:

  • If baby is having difficulty feeding due to a tight neck or is struggling with latching.

  • If a lactation consultant has suggested not to due to above reasons.

  • Unswaddle your baby before a feed (during the day and before bed), so they are more alert during the feed and won't fall asleep as fast.

  • During the night you can keep them swaddled if it's working for the both of you.

2) Aim for full feeds, 2-3 hours between each feed

Do you know what's annoying?

Hunger and sleep cues can look THE SAME.

That's totally not fair...

So if you're looking at a fussy baby, consider the following:

Did you just feed them within the last hour? Then they more likely need something else (sleep, over/under stimulated, needing comfort, diaper, gas pain, etc).

When you work on keeping enough time between feeds, it allows your baby to have a tummy that's full, but also helps you figure out what they actually need. (at least most of the time!)

3) Practice makes progress

If you want your baby to sleep on another surface other than you, you'll have to help them practice!

First nap of the day & bedtime!

First nap tends to be the easiest nap to get your baby to fall asleep for, and bedtime as well, as the sleep pressure has built up throughout the day.

The rest of the day?

Do your best! Contact, swing, stroller, carrier, wrap, friend or family member, etc.

Have questions about your new baby's sleep?

Here for you,

Melody Patton

P.s. Is your baby not sleeping well, even past the newborn stage? It doesn't have to be this way!

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