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Travel Hacks!

If you're heading out on a trip soon, you've probably been posting to Facebook mom groups to ask about travel tips, or maybe you've seen the multiple posts about this topic!

First thing- take a breath!

It will be okay!

Your baby may or may not sleep on the plane, you may have to stop more than you hoped and at the end of the day, you'll look back on the experience and laugh (or cry).


Okay, so here are some things to consider before you head out!

1) Plan ahead!

I know this is a given when we travel as we book our accommodations, rent a car, buy tickets to events, etc.

But did you check out the sleeping arrangements?


If you can find a room that's called a 'suite', they typically have a door that separates the main sleeping area and a living room type area.

Interestingly enough, those suites aren't always posted online on places like Expedia.

If there's a hotel you'd like to stay in, but you can't see if they have suites, call them!

They typically aren't too much more than a regular hotel room, so worth it.

Air Bnbs:

If there's a decent selection at your destination, find something with enough bedrooms so your baby or children can have their own sleep space.

Game changer!

If there isn't another bedroom, a den or a large walk-in closet will do the trick!


If you know the home, discuss with your family or friends to see how you can set your baby up for sleep success while on vacation.

Just like above, a walk-in closet or a den can work well to set up your baby's sleep space.

2) Sleep Space Planning

Are there large windows?

What's the curtain situation?

There are a variety of travel sleep shades on the market; some have better reviews than others (I'm currently looking into purchasing one brand in particular- so hang tight for the verdict!)

My backup is packing a few heavy-duty garbage bags and painter's tape!

It's lightweight, easy to put up, and doesn't wreck windows or walls!

P.S. Have you ever heard of a Slumberpod?

It's a privacy tent that can go over a mini crib or pack n play, it's light weight, and easy to use! You can check them out here and use MELODYPATTON$20 for a discount at the checkout!

I also rent two Slumberpods so if you're heading out soon, hit reply and check for availability!

3) Packing list

Bring some comfort from home items!

  • Lovey, stuffy or blanket

  • Sleepsack

  • Sound machine

  • A portable fan

  • A bath toy or two

  • A couple of favorite books

4) Keep the sleep routine the same but do this one thing

Keep your child's bedtime routine the same as at home, but add in this one step…

Separate yourself from your friends/family BEFORE starting your child's bedtime routine.


Ever heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?

It's a thing, and babies and young children experience FOMO often in situations like this.

So give everyone a chance to unwind and let them have extra time before getting ready for bed.

5) Time Zone Adjustments

If you're traveling to a new time zone, and the difference is only 1-2 hours, I tend to focus on wake windows vs. what the clock says.

If you're going somewhere and it's a 3+ hour difference, then I tend to get on local time.

Airplane travel is exhausting for kids, so usually night 1 isn't an issue.

Make sure to get lots of daylight exposure, and if you're going somewhere warm, lots of swim/pool time.

What else are you wondering about with travel? Hit reply and let me know!

Did you know...?

That if you're traveling in 3+ weeks, we have time to get your baby sleeping well BEFORE you leave!

It'll make your trip more enjoyable and you'll have a plan on how to get back on track once you're home, it's a win-win!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

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