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Quick Refence Guide

Wake windows and nap transitions confusing? 

Get your free quick reference sleep guide below! 

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Is your baby now sleeping well?

Are you posting to online groups, asking for advice, but not seeing real improvement? 

Maybe you're too tired to read through blogs, and Instagram posts to figure out what you need to do...

Working 1:1 with a consultant gets you: 

  • A personalized sleep plan, based on your child and family needs

  • Accountability through text and phone support

  • Expert eyes on your baby's progress

  • Questions answered same day 

  • Proven strategies that work within 1-2 weeks 

Are you ready for...?

  • Evenings to yourself? 

  • Time to connect with your partner? 

  • More sleep for yourself? 

  • Or maybe your arms free a few times a day? 

Let's connect! Book a call here!

My clients enjoy putting their child to bed, watching Netflix, or heading out on a date night. They love that they can have their hands-free during naptime and get more night sleep. 

Many of them enjoy that their partner can return to their bed and can go to bed knowing that they can manage what happens at night and feel confident in their baby's sleep skills. 

If you'd like that to be you, let's connect! 

Book a quick 15-minute call here!

What to expect on the call: 

  • You'll share about what's going on with your child's sleep 

  • I'll ask you some questions to pinpoint the main issue

  • I'll share with you my process, and how it can help you and your family get more sleep

  • Then you decide! 

Here for you, 

Melody Patton 

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