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Newborn Sleep Tips

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Let's hear it for the newbies!

If you're a new parent, or have a new baby, these tips are for you!

When you have a baby there's a LOT of information out there and people love to share their tips as well. So to keep this simple, here's a few tips for you:)

{Oh, and if you have a friend who is pregnant, or has a newborn, send this post to them!}

1. Create a soothing sleep environment for baby.

Make sure the nursery is dark and quiet and the temperature is comfortable. Make sure that the crib and clothing are soft, comfortable and breathable.

2. Establish a consistent sleep routine.

Start with a soothing bath, followed by a calming baby massage and snuggles with mom and dad. This will create a lasting positive association with sleep.

3. Don't be afraid to use white noise.

It can help to block out excess noise and can help soothe baby to sleep.

4. Don't underestimate the power of a good swaddle.

Swaddling can help to recreate the comfort of the womb and can help baby to feel safe and secure.

P.s. I love Halo swaddles and sleep sacks!

5. Be prepared for some night wakings.

It is perfectly normal for newborns to wake up multiple times during the night, so it's important to be patient and understanding. Try offering a pacifier or a gentle back rub to help baby drift back to sleep.

Helping your baby have feeds during the day every 2-3 hours will help them with night sleep!

Start here, and once you get into a routine with your little one, then we can try a few more things.

Have questions? Hit reply and let me know!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

P.s. If your baby or toddler isn't sleeping well, let's work together! Most of my clients see massive progress within the first week!

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