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Get Control Back

At Bedtime!

What if bedtime could be easy?

You just spent the last hour trying to put your baby down, feeding, rocking, shushing and pulling off your best mom ninja moves as you try to put your baby down, oh, so, carefully... just to have their eyes pop open like it’s Christmas morning. 


They start to cry and you pick them up to start all over again. 


Or you just finished putting your 3-year-old child to bed. Tonight, it only took 1 hour, which is amazing considering most nights it takes longer.


You feel beat down by the constant stream of negotiations and demands: they need water, no not that cup, the other one! They need to pee. Where’s their bunny AND panda? They ask for another book, and then another and once you’ve read 5 books, they ask for one more.


They want to cuddle longer.


On and on and on...  When will it end?

You go downstairs, sink into the couch, trying to find the remote so that you can watch a bit of your show before you put your tired body to bed. 


Just as your show starts you hear a noise coming from upstairs and your mom-ears perk up, and your heart sinks into your gut...and the saga begins again. 



You thought tonight was the night where you’d get some ‘mommy time’, well, maybe not. As you head upstairs, you feel the frustration rising in your chest.


You love cuddling your child, but you’d also LOVE for them to go to sleep at bedtime.


You’re exhausted because you do this night, after night, after night.

Imagine having an easy bedtime routine that can be done in the amount of time it takes to watch a quick episode of your favorite show. 


Feeling like you can handle any request for water or a snack or another book with confidence and feel like you’ve had a parenting win.


You easily put your baby down awake in their bed and they put themselves to sleep.


You read that right, put them to bed awake!


You love knowing that you can sit down and watch your show that you’ve been waiting for all day, knowing that you have enough time to relax and even watch another episode... 


You’re excited to have an entire conversation with your partner that is uninterrupted!


Full, complete, adult thoughts and sentences, strung together that make perfect sense to another human who isn’t begging you for another snack! 


You can feel like there is one less thing to worry about and enjoy your evening. Get in some ‘me’ time, to get some work done, or just, breathe a bit. 


Knowing exactly what you need to do to get control back at bedtime.


You’ll start the routine knowing what comes next, how to manage the never-ending stream of requests and get it done within a fraction of the time you are used to.


I’m a sleep consultant who works with parents of young children who are desperate for their child to sleep well consistently.


They don’t know what to do next and are at their breaking point.


I help you teach your child to sleep better so you can relax in the evening and have more energy to enjoy your family.

  • To create a bedtime routine that is manageable and enjoyable so you can feel confident with bedtime


  • To have a strategy to help manage the requests, demands, and negotiations, so you can walk away feeling like you kept calm 


  • To know why it’s important for your child to fall asleep independently 


  • To put your child to bed awake so they can fall asleep on their own and you can enjoy your much needed free time 

By working together, you can expect 

Here's how it works

A Bedtime Review

You tell me what’s going on at bedtime, every little thing that frustrates you or that your child does that you don’t know how to handle. You also tell me what you’d love to see happen (aka what’s your main goal). By filling out this questionnaire I can get all the details so we can get clear on what needs to change!

Jumping on the Bed


This is where we spend 90 minutes on the phone, talking over what’s happening and some ‘why’s’.

We’ll talk about the new plan, answer questions, talk about some ‘what ifs’ (There are always some ‘what ifs’!). You’ll feel excited (and maybe a bit nervous, but that’s very normal!) to get started and you’ll feel ready to take that first step.

On the Phone

Support Materials

You’ll get a digital copy of the plan with any extra notes that came up during the consultation and access to a digital progress tracking log. If your child is a toddler, you’ll receive resources to help get your child excited and on board with the new plan. All of this will help you feel ready and supported as I’ll be keeping track of your progress along the way. 

Laptop Typing on Bed


Accountability is a big piece of success!

A week after you begin your new bedtime routine, we will have a check-in, where we go over your progress, discuss any questions you may have and do some troubleshooting if needed. Knowing that we will be talking in a week helps you be a strong, confident parent!

Mel sitting_edited_edited.jpg
I totally understand that you may be thinking “Is it even possible?”
Thankfully, it is.
With my help, you can have a bedtime routine with your child that is enjoyable, predictable and doesn’t make you age 10 years!
I'm here to help.
Your investment $99.00

Ready to Get Control Back at Bedtime?

Ready to Get Started?


Step 1. Make Your Payment

Step 2. Complete Questionnaire


Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work and instructions for booking your session

Step 3. Consultation

Then we’ll have our 90-minute phone consultation to get you started on having easier and enjoyable bedtimes!


Emily & Charlie

As a first time mom of a preemie no less, I kept making excuses to transition my sweet baby into her crib from co-sleeping.

I one day admitted to my husband that I was afraid to fail and needed to be told exactly what to do instead of just guessing, therefore making it worse for myself and my daughter.

I was scrolling through Facebook, and a friend of mine shared Melody’s page. So I followed my gut and sent her a message.

We had a 15 minute phone call that then turned into a sleep plan being made within a couple of days. She was very patient with me and answered any and all questions that I had. 

Much to Melody, mine and my husband’s surprise, my child was sleeping full night by night 2.

It has been so nice sleeping on my own, as well as having time with just my husband.

I am so blessed to have this go as well as it did.

Melody is an amazing and experienced sleep consultant and I intend to spread the news about her as much as I can!

Emily & Charlie.jpeg
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