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Have Sleep Questions? I have blogs!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


This past week has been soooo busy!

Halloween party, Buy Buy Baby Sleep Talk & a Mini Movers sleep talk!

So for this week's email, I'm sharing a few blog posts that I think you might enjoy!

I know you also don't like daylight savings, but we should probably talk about it...take a read here!

4-month sleep regression got you down? Read more here!

Wondering when to drop a nap? Check out this blog post, or this one, or this one!

Heading out of town this fall or winter? Make sure you read my travel tips!

My blog is searchable, so if you're wondering about anything else, do a quick search!

If you're not finding any blogs written on a certain topic, hit reply to this email and let me know!

Here for you,

Melody Patton

Happy Thanksgiving!

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